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Access Control Systems (ACS) are designed to control and manage access to facilities and areas that require a layer of guest and member security. Access Control Systems utilize a variety of security credentials ranging from simple to complex multifactor authentication. “What you know” could be a PIN number entered on a keypad. “What you have” could be an encoded card or key fob. “Who you are” could be a variety of biometric authentication technologies. With scalability ranging from 1 to hundreds of readers spanning multiple buildings, all controlled from a central computer management system. ACS are often integrated with other systems, such as Alarm and CCTV, for an even more effective and versatile security tool.


Applications for ACS range from traditional office environments, global enterprise organizations, construction site security, aviation facilities, utility service centers & substations, law enforcement & military, car dealerships, retail locations, schools, churches and the list goes on.


Our team will design an ACS strategy to help your organization accomplish the desired results for the control and management of your facilities and proprietary information.